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I started painting in oils many years ago, but had never really tried using soft pastels as a medium.  They are expensive to buy because, although a certain amount of colour mixing is possible, you need many more pastels to achieve the variety of hues and tones and tints that are usually necessary to complete a painting. With oils you can buy six, or even fewer tubes of paint and make almost any other colour. This is not possible with pastels.


But in a way this lack of ability to mix colours has been liberating in my pastel painting because it is relatively easy to select the hue that you want when your full range of colours is right there displayed before you. Painting with pastels has freed me from the oil painting mantra that you should use as few colours as possible in any particular painting. I feel much freer to experiment with colour and work in exciting new ways.


I only began using pastels in 2014 and I don't claim to be an expert, but I have high ambitions for improvement. 


I do love using pastels!

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