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PHOTOS from Main Range NP: Spicer's Gap

We camped at Spicer's Gap in the Main Range National Park in southern Queensland, for three nights early in July of 2015. Many of the birds that we saw on this trip were common ones that we see everywhere.


It was a bit disappointing really. Previously at Moss’ Well we have watched a parade of species that came down to bathe, including exciting birds like noisy pittas. This time the area around the well seemed to be a bit degraded and overgrown with lantana and we saw no birds there except bell miners. There were quite a few birds in the eucalypt and brushbox woodland around the campsite at Spicer's Gap, including yellow-faced and white-naped honeyeaters, and the precious little spotted pardalotes, but they were mostly high up in the trees rather than in the grassy understorey. However a grey shrike-thrush did come down to visit our camp. A grey fantail led us on a merry dance as we tried to take photos of its insect-catching antics, and a kookaburra perched for a while on a low branch, surveying the area for food. We also caught occasional glimpses of a white-throated tree-creeper as it hopped its way up tree trunks searching for insects. Channel-billed cuckoos flew overhead once or twice.


The golden whistlers and wrens were photographed in the paddock of mango trees next door to the camp-site, where we also saw red-browed firetails and emerald doves. And the crimson rosellas and bell miners were in the nearby tall eucalypt forest along with white cockatoos.


Bell miners dominated the area around Moss' Well but we could hear whipbirds, and did see a family of blue wrens by the road-side.

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