I started making eggs when Laura was in about Year 3 at school. I found a picture in a magazine, along with instructions for making a simple one using a hen's egg, with a hole cut in the front and a little doll inside.


Laura wanted to make one. So we blew out a hen's egg, drew around the bowl of a teaspoon and scratched around it with a needle to make the window in the front, painted it inside and out, glued braid around the window, placed a little bed of cotton wool inside, and Laura made a little string doll from embroidery thread.


When she took it to school her friends all wanted one too, and she also made one as a present for her teacher, at the end of the year. 


I just loved the "tiny package" idea behind making decorated eggs.


I think the first egg that I made for myself was the "Girl swinging" egg, pictured below. Like all the eggs pictured here, it is made from a hen's egg with two windows cut in it, painted 


To make


Baby in basket
Egg purse
Basket of roses egg
Baby in cradle egg
Girl swinging egg
Country garden egg
Basket of daisies egg
Buttercup fairy egg
Butterfly egg
Blue door egg
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