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I started making eggs when Laura was in about Year 3 at school. I found a picture in a magazine, along with instructions for making a simple one using a hen's egg, with a hole cut in the front and a little doll inside.


Laura wanted to make one. So we blew out a hen's egg, drew around the bowl of a teaspoon and scratched around it with a needle to make the window in the front, painted it inside and out, glued braid around the window, placed a little bed of cotton wool inside, and Laura made a little string doll from embroidery thread.


When she took it to school her friends all wanted one too, and she also made one as a present for her teacher, at the end of the year. 


I just loved the "tiny package" idea behind making decorated eggs.


I think the first egg that I made for myself was the "Girl swinging" egg, pictured below. Like all the eggs pictured here, it is made from a hen's egg with two windows cut in it, painted 


To make


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