Barrington Tops National Park
We camped on the edge of the river at Junction Pools in Barrington Tops NP, NSW, in November of 2015. The setting was spectacular and we were delighted to find flame robins there, and a colony of nesting tree martins.
Basket Swamp National Park, NSW
We camped at the edge of Basket Swamp NP, near Tenterfield in NSW for a couple of nights in January of 2016. Finding the tiny red-backed toadlet, red-browed treecreepers and a male southern emu wren were highlights of this trip.
Bowling Green Bay National Park, QLD
Winter 2015 trip to Alligator Creek, Bowling Green Bay NP, Queensland, Australia.
Bunya Mountains National Park, QLD
Autumn 2015 trip to Bunya Mountains NP, Queensland, Australia.
Coolah Tops National Park, NSW.jpg
We camped at the Cox's Creek campsite in Coolah Tops NP in central NSW in February of 2016. Birds were plentiful along the creek but rather sparse in other areas. This site was made memorable by the presence of a colony of greater gliders.
D'Aguilar National Park, QLD
We camped at Neurum Creek in D'Aguilar NP in southern QLD in October of 2015. We took photos of scarlet honeyeaters attracted by the callistemons flowering along the creek, and Litoria wilcoxii and Litoria pearsoniana frogs.
Eungella National Park, QLD
We camped for two nights at the Fern Flat camp-ground in Eungella NP, in QLD, in August 2015. This has to be the best place in Australia to see platypuses, but it it also has noisy pittas and russet-tailed thrushes.
Goulburn River National Park, NSW
We spent one night at the Big River camp-ground in Goulburn River National Park in March of 2016. This is a view along the river, from the riverbank just below the camp-ground.
Koreelah National Park, NSW
Winter 2015 trip to Koreelah NP, New South Wales, Australia.
Lamington National Park, QLD
Red-legged pademelon photographed during our Autumn 2015 trip to Lamington NP, Queensland, Australia. The highlight of this trip was being able to photograph a couple of Albert's lyrebirds in the rainforest at the bottom of the main car park.
Main Range National Park, QLD
Crimson rosella photographed during our winter 2015 trip to Spicer's Gap, Main Range NP, Queensland, Australia.
New England National Park
We camped for two nights at the Thungutti camp-ground, in New England NP in March of 2016, at the end of our week-long trip south. A Bassian thrush, and flame robins lived in the campground.
Nowendoc National Park, NSW
Rose robin, male.
We stayed at the Myall Creek campsite in Nowendoc NP in November of 2015, and, much to our delight found a pair of rose robins feeding fledglings that were hiding in a dense shrub.
Our yard, NSW
Images taken on our property on the far north coast of New South Wales, Australia.
Townsville Common, QLD
We visited the Common in August of 2015 in the midst of severe drought, when there was no water in the wetlands. The birdlife was much depleted, but we still found many species including crimson finches, a pair of brolgas and a bustard.
Wollemi National Park, NSW
We spent three nights camping at Dunn's Swamp - Ganguddy, in Wollemi National Park, NSW, in February of 2016. Here we saw gang-gang cockatoos, rock warblers, buff-rumped thornbills and brown treecreepers, and just a glimpse of a quoll.
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