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About Jenny...

I was born in QLD a long time ago and grew up on a rural property on the Northern Tablelands in NSW. I spent six years at boarding school and later graduated in Science from UNE, with a zoology major.


We bought our three acre property on the north coast of NSW about 30 years ago. At the time it was a small banana farm and had been stripped completely bare of all native trees. Over the last few years I have been trying to restore parts of the property to rainforest, with some degree of success. 


I have been very lucky to have had a wonderfully supportive family and group of friends, who have encouraged my art and craft hobbies. My range of interests is shown in the galleries of items on this website. The main limiting factor has been time, but now that my husband, Joe, has retired weekends have become hobby time.


I particularly want to thank my daughter, Laura, who has helped me to set up this website. We are great camping, photography and art buddies!


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